Imprisoned Gonabadi Dervishes ended their hunger strike after 14 days

According to Majzooban Noor’s reporters, 10 imprisoned Dervishes in Evin, Rajaei-Shahr, Shiraz’s Nezam prisons and the central prison of Bandar-Abbas who were on hunger strike to protest the authorities’ failure to provide them with adequate medical treatment and the illegal interfering in medical treatment of prisoners of conscience and political prisoners by Iran’s security, prison and      judiciary officials, ended their hunger strike on 25th of Esfand  Mar, 16

Jailed Gonabadi Dervishes, Hamid-Reza Moradi, Mostafa Daneshjou, Farshid Yadollahi, Afshin Karampour, Amir Eslami, Reza Entesari, Omid Behroozi, Mostafa Abdi, Kasra Nouri and Abdolghafour GHalandarinejad ended a 14-day hunger strike after the transfer of two ill Dervishes, Hamid-Reza Moradi and Mostafa Daneshjou to Shohada e Tajrish hospital

The authorities have promised to send another sick Dervish, Afshin Karampour who is also in need of medical attention, to hospital outside of Evin Prison soon

It is worth noting that following the start of Dervishes hunger strike, more than 3000 Gonabadi Dervishes joined the strike in support of their imprisoned brothers’ demands. Also they had a rally on Saturday and Sunday in front of the Tehran’s Prosecutor office. Although their protest was confronted by violent reactions of the security and special guard forces, they are still waiting for authorities to fulfill their promises

Thousands of dervishes have expressed solidarity with the prisoners, staging in a sit-in in front of the prosecutor’s office in Tehran and announcing that they too are going on hunger strike

In the last few days, more than 2000 Gonabadi Dervishes participated in “the campaign to protect jailed Dervishes” asking prisoners to end their hunger strike. Also A large number of Gonabadi Dervishes from Iran’s Provinces such as Khuzestan, Hormozghan, Boushehr, Lorestan, Markazi and Chahar Mahaal and Bakhtiari, in a letter addressed to the Jailed Dervishes, urged them to break hunger strike in order to save their lives. Many Dervishes from other orders also joined the hunger strike in support of imprisoned Dervishes

There has been a considerable support from various orders of Dervishes in Iran and India including the Qadiriyah, the Chishti, the Naqshabandiya and Syattariyah Orders

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