Figure 2

The Lonche canine.

A) Distal-mesial virtual section of the entire Lonche 1 lower left canine (resolution 18 µm). B) 1. Micro-CT detail of the crown showing the thickness of the beeswax (in yellow). Beeswax exactly fills the shallow cavity in the exposed dentin and the upper part of the crack (resolution 9 µm). 2. Three-dimensional virtual reconstruction and 3. microphotograph of the tooth crown in occlusal view with indication of the surface covered by beeswax (within the yellow dotted line). C) Micro-CT based cross-sections of the tooth showing the enamel cracks along the labial and lingual aspects (resolution 9 µm). The positions of the cross-sections are shown in Figure B2. The beeswax is colored in yellow. Scale bars, 2 mm.


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